The Kavli Institute for Cosmology comprises cosmologists from across the University of Cambridge, from the Institute of Astronomy, Cavendish Astrophysics and the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics.

Phone numbers given are internal. To dial from outside the University of Cambridge telephone network, prefix +44 (01223) and the bracketed numbers below.

Director Deputy Director Administrator
Prof George P Efstathiou Prof Anthony Lasenby Ms Paula Younger

Kavli Institute Fellows

Dr Mustafa AminKAVLI K20(3)
Dr Jens ChlubaKAVLI K30(7)
Dr Tommaso GiannantonioKAVLI K15(3)
Dr Benjamin MosterKAVLI K16(3)
Dr Adam MuzzinKAVLI K21(3)
Dr Kazuaki OtaKAVLI K23(7)

Academic Staff

Dr Anthony ChallinorKAVLI K2(7)
Prof George P EfstathiouKAVLI K13(3)
Prof Martin HaehneltKAVLI K27(7)
Prof Anthony LasenbyKAVLI K28(3)
Prof. Roberto MaiolinoKAVLI K35(7)
Prof Richard G McMahonKAVLI K22(3)
Dr Debora SijackiKAVLI K17(7)

Postdoctoral Researchers

Dr Susannah Alaghband-ZadehKAVLI K06(7)
Dr Mark AshdownKAVLI K4(3)
Dr Manda BanerjiKAVLI K16(3)
Dr Matthew BothwellKAVLI K29(3)
Dr Jane BuckleKAVLI K33(7)
Dr Jonathan ChardinKAVLI K18(3)
Dr Farhan FerozKAVLI K30(7)
Dr Steven GrattonKAVLI K7(7)
Dr Diana HarrisonKAVLI K1(7)
Dr Simon KarlKAVLI
Dr Girish KulkarniKAVLI K19(7)
Dr Lindley LentatiKAVLI K33(7)
Dr Daisy MakKAVLI K06(7)
Dr Marina MigliaccioKAVLI K07(7)
Dr Yingjie PengKAVLI K29(3)
Dr Ewald PuchweinKAVLI K18(3)
Dr Alberto RoraiKAVLI K30(7)
Dr Hardip SangheraKAVLI K3(7)
Dr Sijing ShenKAVLI K19(7)
Dr Vladislav StolyarovKAVLI K8(7)
Dr David SuttonKAVLI K8(7)

Graduate Students

Mr Francesco BelfioreKAVLI K31(7)
Ms Nadia BlagorodnovaKAVLI K14(7)
Miss Sarah Elena Ivana BosmanKAVLI K26(7)
Miss Claudia CiconeKAVLI K31(7)
Mr Tiago A. CostaObs O15(7)
Mr Michael CurtisObs O18(3)
Mr Will HandleyKAVLI K34(7)
Mr Sonke HeeKAVLI K34(7)
Mr Shaoran HuHoyle H26(3)
Mr Harley KatzHoyle H29(7)
Ms Laura KeatingObs 015(7)
Ms Do Young KimKAVLI K34(7)
Ms Patricia LarsenKAVLI K26(7)
Mr Kaloian LozanovKAVLI K26(7)
Ms Carina NegreanuKAVLI K14(7)
Ms Fernanda Ostrovski DutraHoyle H29(7)
Ms Sophie ReedObs O14(3)
Ms Iulia SimionKAVLI K14(7)
Mr Bjoern SoergelKAVLI K14(7)
Ms Rebecca WilliamsKAVLI K31(7)
Mr Richard WolstenhulmeKAVLI K34(7)

Support Staff

Ms Adeline NicolKAVLI H41(3)
Ms Paula YoungerKAVLI K12(3)