I am a theoretical cosmologist, employed currently as a Senior Kavli Fellow at the Kavli Institute for Cosmology at the University of Cambridge

I am interested in understanding how the universe got populated with particles after inflation (reheating), how to probe the early universe using the CMB frequency spectrum as well as constraining the nature of dark matter/dark energy in the contemporary universe.  I occasionally delve into astrophysical problems. Recently, I have become fascinated with solitons (in particular, oscillons), their interactions  and their relevance to cosmology.

I tend to get really excited about teaching and public outreach.  For a bit more on my interests outside physics click here.

Before moving to Cambridge, I was a  postdoctoral fellow at MIT (Sept 2011-2012) and a Pappalardo Fellow at MIT from 2008-2011. I received my Ph.D in Physics from Stanford University under Prof. Roger Blandford and Prof. Bob Wagoner. I pursued my undergraduate education at UTA before which, I lived in Surat, India.

Mustafa A. Amin

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Latest talk: The end of inflation and matter-antimatter asymmetry, Unsolved Problems in Astrophysics and Cosmology, Budapest, July 4, 2014

Latest paper: Spectral distortions from the dissipation of tensor perturbations

, submitted to MNRAS [arXiv:1407.3653]

Research collaborators: S. Allen, R. Blandford,  E. Bertschinger, T. Cheung, J. Chluba, L. Dai, R. Easther, H. Finkel, E. Flaugher, A. Frolov, D. Grin, M. Hertzberg, M. Kamionkowski, P. Marshal, E. Lim, D. Rapetti, D. Shirokoff, B. Wagoner and I. Yang, P. Zukin