I am a theoretical cosmologist, employed currently as a Senior Kavli Fellow at the Kavli Institute for Cosmology at the University of Cambridge

I am interested in understanding how the universe got populated with particles after inflation (reheating), the rich nonlinear dynamics during this phase and its observational consequences. I occasionally delve into more astrophysical problems from CMB spectral distortions to exoplanets. On the mathematical side, I am fascinated by solitons, their interactions  and their relevance to cosmology.

I tend to get really excited about teaching and public outreach.  For some of my artwork (unrelated to physics) click here.

Before moving to Cambridge, I was a  postdoctoral fellow at MIT (Sept 2011-2012) and a Pappalardo Fellow at MIT from 2008-2011. I received my Ph.D in Physics from Stanford University under Prof. Roger Blandford and Prof. Bob Wagoner. I pursued my undergraduate education at UTA before which, I lived in Surat, India.

Mustafa A. Amin

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Latest paper (s):

  1. (1)Nonperturbative dynamics of reheating after inflation: a review

with D Kaiser, M, Hertzberg and J Karouby (Invited Review for the International Journal of Modern Physics D)[arXiv:1410.3808] [visual summary]

(2) Towards Chemical Constraints on Hot Jupiter migration

with N. Madhusudhan and G. Kennedy, Astrophysical Journal Letters, 794, L12 (2014)[arXiv:1408.3668], [visual summary]

Research collaborators: S. Allen, R. Blandford,  E. Bertschinger, T. Cheung, J. Chluba, L. Dai, R. Easther, H. Finkel, E. Flaugher, A. Frolov, D. Grin, M. Hertzberg, M. Kamionkowski, E. Lim, K. Lozanov, N. Madhusudhan, G. Kennedy, P. Marshal, D. Rapetti, D. Shirokoff, B. Wagoner and I. Yang, P. Zukin