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Kavli Institute for Cosmology, Cambridge



New Employment:

Assistant Professor of Astrophysics (Tenure-Track)

Florida International University, Miami, USA (2022 - )


Current Employment:

Postdoctoral Research Associate - University of Cambridge (2018 - 2022)


Previous Employment:

Postdoctoral Researcher - ETH Zurich, Switzerland (2015 - 2018)

Research Fellow - University of Victoria, Canada (2012 - 2015)

Gemini Science Fellow - Gemini Observatory, Hawaii (2010 - 2012)



Ph.D. Astrophysics, University of Nottingham, UK (2011)  

P.G.C.E. Science Education, University of Oxford, UK (2007) 

M.Sc. Cosmology, University of Sussex, UK (2006)                  

B.Sc. (Hons.) Physics & Philosophy, University of Durham, UK (2005)


Professional Qualifications:

Chartered Physicist (CPhys) - UK Institute  of Physics (2019)

Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) - Department for Education (2007)



Senior Member of Hughes Hall College, University of Cambridge

Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society (FRAS)

Member of the UK Institute of Physics (MInstP)

Member of the International Astronomical Union (MIAU)



- Extragalactic astrophysics & observational cosmology

- Galaxy formation and evolution

- Wide-field Optical/NIR Surveys (e.g. SDSS, MaNGA, DES)

- Confronting simulations and models with observations

- Galactic star formation and quenching

- The role of mergers and environment in galaxy evolution      

- Galaxy kinematics and computational morphology

- Machine learning applications in modern astronomy                                             


Key publications: 


Link to all papers (via NASA ADS): NASA ADS

Link to all papers (via arXiv): arXiv

Teaching and Supervisions



University of Cambridge

Physics of Astrophysics - undergraduate level course (2019)


ETH Zurich

Astrophysics III - masters level course (2018)

Astrophysics II - masters level course (2016, 2017, 2018)

Hot Topics in Astrophysics - masters level course (2017)

Physics I Laboratory - undergraduate course (2015, 2018)


Research supervision: 


Joanna (Asia) Piotrowska - PhD Student, University of Cambridge

(2018 - ongoing)


Simcha Brownson - PhD Student, University of Cambridge

(2019 - ongoing)


Mallory Thorp - PhD Student, University of Victoria (Cambridge visitor)

(2019 - 2020)