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Kavli Institute for Cosmology, Cambridge



Galaxy evolution

  • physical processes ceasing star formation
  • gas content of local galaxies

Numerical methods

  • development of spectral methods
  • application of spectral methods to discontinuous problems:
    • improvement and application of edge detection techniques
    • treatment of dynamically developing discontinuities



Key publications: 
  • Towards a deeper understanding of the physics drivig galaxy quenching -- inferring trends in teh gas content via extinction (arXiv:1911.06693)
  • Spectral Methods in the Presence of Discontinuities (arXiv:1712.09952)

Other publications: 
  • Are galactic star formation and quenching governed by local, global or environmental phenomena? (arXiv:1911.08857)

  • The imprints of AGN feedback within a supermassive black hole's sphere of influence (arXiv:1803.09769)

Teaching and Supervisions



Michaelmas 2018: Part II Relativity (3rd year Physics/Astrophysics course)

Lent 2018: Part II Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics (3rd year Physics/Astrophysics course)

 Joanna  Piotrowska

Contact Details

Email address: 
Room K35
Kavli Institute for Cosmology, Cambridge
Institute of Astronomy
University of Cambridge
Madingley Road Cambridge CB3 0HA
United Kingdom
01223 (3)37526


Person keywords: 
Galaxy formation and evolution
Numerical methods

KICC Annual Report 2020

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