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Dr Renske Smit

Dr Renske Smit

Newton Kavli Fellow

Room K30
Kavli Institute of Cosmology
c/o Institute of Astronomy
Madingley Road

Cambridge CB3 0HA
Office Phone: (01223) 746433

Research Interests

First Galaxies
First Stars
Reionization of the Universe
Stellar Populations in the First Galaxies
Early Galaxy Formation and Evolution
Strong Gravitational Lensing
Galaxy Kinematics
Feedback in Distant Galaxies

Key Publications

  1. "Rotation in [CII]-emitting gas detected in two galaxies in the Epoch of Reionization'' 
    Smit, R.Bouwens, R. J., Carniani, S., Oesch, P. A., Labbé, I., Illingworth, G. D., van der Werf, P., Bradley, L. D., Gonzalez, V., Hodge, J. A., Holwerda, B. W., Maiolino, R., Zheng, W., 2018, Nature, 553, 178–181

  2. "A gravitationally-boosted MUSE survey for emission-line galaxies at z>~5 behind the massive cluster RCS 0224'' 
    Smit, R., Swinbank, A. M., Massey, R., Richard, J., Smail, I., Kneib, J.-P., 2017, MNRAS, 467, 3306 

  3. "Inferred Hα Flux as a Star-Formation Rate Indicator at z ~ 4-5: Implications for Dust Properties, Burstiness, and the z = 4-8 Star-Formation-Rate Functions'' 
    Smit, R., Bouwens, R. J., Labbé, I., Franx, M., Wilkins, S. M., Oesch, P. A., 2016, ApJ, 833, 254 

  4. "Using the Inferred Hα Emission from z~4-5 Galaxies to Measure the Lyman-Continuum Photon Production Efficiency xiion: Implications for the Escape Fraction'' 
    Bouwens, R. J., Smit, R., Labbe, I., Franx, M., Caruana, J., Oesch, P., Stefanon, M., Rasappu, N., 2016, ApJ, 833, 254 

  5. "Mean Halpha+[NII]+[SII] EW Inferred for Star-Forming Galaxies at z=5.1-5.4 Using High- Quality Spitzer/IRAC Photometry'' 
    Rasappu, N., Smit, R., Labbe, I., Bouwens, R., Stark, D., Ellis, R., Oesch, P., 2016, MNRAS, 461, 3886 

  6. "High-precision Photometric Redshifts from Spitzer/IRAC: Extreme [3.6]-[4.5] Colors Identify Galaxies in the Redshift range z~6.6-6.9'' 
    Smit, R., Bouwens, R.J., Franx, M., Oesch, P.A., Ashby, M.L.N., Willner, S.P., Labbé, I., Holwerda, B.W., Fazio, G.G., Huang, J.-S., 2015, ApJ, 801, 122 

  7. "Evidence for Ubiquitous, High-EW Nebular Emission in z~7 Galaxies: Towards a Clean Measurement of the Specific Star Formation Rate using a Sample of Bright, Magnified Galaxies'' 
    Smit, R., Bouwens, R. J., Labbé, I., Zheng, W., Bradley, L., Donahue, M., Lemze, D., Moustakas, J., Umetsu, K., Zitrin, A., Coe, D., Postman, M., Gonzalez, V., Bartelmann, M., Benitez, N., Broadhurst, T., Ford, H., Grillo, C., Infante, L., Jimenez-Teja, Y., Jouvel, S., Kelson, D.D., Lahav, O., Maoz, D., Medezinski, E., Melchior, P., Meneghetti, M., Merten, J., Molino, A., Moustakas, L., Nonino, M., Rosati, P., Seitz, S., 2014, ApJ, 784, 58 

  8. "The Star Formation Rate Function for Redshift z ~ 4-7 Galaxies: Evidence for a Uniform Buildup of Star-forming Galaxies during the First 3 Gyr of Cosmic Time'' 
    Smit, R., Bouwens, R.J., Franx, M., Illingworth., G.D., Labbé, I., Oesch, P.A., van Dokkum, P.G., 2012, ApJ, 756, 14S