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The disc migration issue: from protoplanets to supermassive black holes

This workshop is motivated by the broad similarities surrounding the theory of disc mediated migration on scales ranging from protoplanetary discs to galactic nuclei. Migration theory thus underpins our understanding of some of the most topical problems in contemporary astrophysics, i.e. the establishment of planetary system `architecture' and the processes driving the merging of black holes.


Emission Line Galaxies with MOS: from cosmic noon to the reionization era

Galaxies showing strong emission lines are precious laboratories to study the physical mechanisms driving and regulating star formation through cosmic time. With the advent of the last generation of optical and near-infrared Multi Object and Integral Field Spectrographs (MOS, IFS), we have entered in a new golden era for emission line studies.



Past Events

Galaxy clusters: physics laboratories and cosmological probes

Galaxy clusters are unique astrophysical laboratories in which the powerful interaction of supermassive black holes with the surrounding intracluster medium, the complex effects of the cluster environment on galaxies, as well as a wide range of non-thermal processes like magnetic field amplification and cosmic ray acceleration can be studied.