4th NEMITSAS 2013 Physics Prize awarded to Prof. George Efstathiou

George Efstathiou has received  the 4th NEMTSAS Prize of 2013, which this year was awarded in the research field of Physics. The announcement was made at a press conference held today in Nicosia. The Award Ceremony will be held on Thursday 10th October in the New Hall of the Presidential Palace, also in Nicosia, and the Prize will be awarded by the President of Cyprus Mr. Nikos Anastasiades.

 The award citation from The President of the Nemitsas Foundation, Takis Nemitsas stated

Professor George Efstathiou is known for his pioneering use of computer simulations of structure formation in the universe, for surveys of large-scale structure in the Universe, and for theoretical and observational investigations of the cosmic background radiation, including leadership roles in the Planck satellite.  Efstathiou's seminal advances have shaped our understanding of the Universe and have strongly contributed to the standard model of cosmology.

George Efstathiou said

It is a tremendous honour to receive the Nemitsas Prize. I hope that this award will encourage young people, especially those in Cyprus, to learn a little about the science for which this prize has been awarded. I am fortunate that I came into cosmology at an exciting time. We have learned a lot about cosmology in the last 20 years but many of the big questions, such as why does the Universe exist and what happened before the Big Bang, remain unanswered. There are plenty of important problems left for a new generation of scientists to solve!