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Kavli Institute for Cosmology, Cambridge

Online platforms

The DAD2021 workshop will rely on three different communication platforms - Zoom, Slack and Wonder Room - for different functions, as described below.

Links and passwords to join the DAD2021 Zoom and Slack Channels and DAD2021 (Kavli) Wonder Room will be emailed to all participants during week commencing 10 May 2021


Talks and presentations

The meeting will take place using Zoom. The link will be emailed to all participants during week commencing 10 May 2021


Slack Channel
Posters, general discussions and announcements.

Basic instructions can be found here


Wonder Room
Face-to-face discussions, coffee breaks and general socialising

'Wonder Room' details

Basic instructions on using Wonder Room are available here.


To ensure you can participate fully in all events from the start, we recommend you familiarise yourselves with these online platforms before the event. LOC member(s) will be available in the Kavli Wonder Room before event on Friday 14 May, 16:00-17:00 UK time to answer questions about these tools and other logistical issues. 


Some DAD2021-specific information about Slack and Wonder Room


  • Slack is a messaging-type platform that allows multi-thread discussions of different topics and provides a record of these discussions. Posts to Slack may contain uploaded files (which is how posters will be displayed), external links, and be discussed (via the "Reply in thread" button in the menu in the top right corner of the post; check this menu for other actions as well)."
  • DAD2021 workspace on Slack has a number of channels, which are briefly described here. #general channel will be used for general announcements and may be checked regularly for updates.
  • Please use #discussion-topics-proposals channel to suggest topics that you would like to be discussed during the discussion sessions.
  • Channels #posters-1 and #posters-2 are for displaying and discussion of posters, split according to the corresponding Poster Session. Please, click here for poster details.
  • Channels #day-1 to #day-4 are for discussion of the talks and topics covered during the corresponding days of the conference
  • Channels #discussion-1 to #discussion-3 are for collecting questions to be covered during each discussion session once their topics are set (will be announced later), and for continuing the discussion.

Wonder Room

  • Wonder Room is a communication platform similar to the breakout rooms in Zoom but offering more flexibility. In particular, it offers a freedom to join or leave an existing conversation group, form a new conversation group by approaching another person, and so on. Unlike Slack, it does not leave a record of the conversations, but it allows a face-to-face communication.
  • We will experiment with the use of Wonder Room during the daily breaks and in the end of the day if people wish to continue oral discussions. 
  • At the moment Wonder Room works only on Google Chrome. It will not work when Zoom is on (they both need microphone and video), so you have to choose one at a given moment. If you encounter an issue using Wonder Room, the first thing to try is to leave it and re-enter, which seems to solve most problems. If the platform would become unstable we will use Slack for all communications and discussions.
  • There are 4 distinct spaces in the Wonder room, named according to different topics (Warped/Eccentric; Protoplanetary; TDEs, BHs, WDs; Observations). Their goal is to orient people with different interests, however, conversations on any topic can take place anywhere in the room.  
  • It is important to leave the Room when you stop using it (or at least turn your mike and video off). Otherwise your microphone and video will continue streaming (and you may not be aware of this), which could distract other Room users.