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Kavli Institute for Cosmology, Cambridge


Time    Monday 11th April 2022
09:30    Welcome to the KICC
09:45    Meeting introduction (Anastasia and Eloy)
09:50    Thomas Gessey-Jones - Simulating the First Stars in Semi-Numerical 21-cm Signal Models
10:10    Girish Kulkarni - Beyond the ‘standard model’ of the global 21-cm signal: lessons from EDGES
10:30    Daan Meerburg - Primordial non-Gaussianities with the 21cm-line
10:50    Coffee break
11:30    Shikhar Mittal - Dark matter detection using the global 21-cm signal: the case of PBH dark matter
11:50    Peter Sims - Astrophysics at Cosmic Dawn with REACH: a parameter constraints forecast
12:10    Harry Bevins - Constraining the Astrophysics of the Early Universe using the SARAS Instrumentation PDF
12:30    Discussion
13:00    Lunch
14:30    Stefan Heimersheim - Reionization constraints from HERA 21cm power spectrum limits PDF
14:50    Pascal Keller - Search for the Epoch of Reionization with HERA: Upper Limits on the Closure Phase Delay Power Spectrum
15:10    Oscar O'Hara - Analysis of instrumental effects in SKA1-LOW with end-2-end simulations
15:30    Simon Pochinda - Constraining astrophysics with the 21-cm line and high-redshift galaxy observations
15:50    Discussion
16:20    End

Time    Tuesday 12th April
09:30    Eloy de Lera Acedo - REACH overview and status
09:50    Will Handley - Statistical methods in cosmology PDF
10:10    Dominic Anstey - Parameterised antenna modelling in Global 21cm Cosmology
10:30    Eloy de Lera Acedo on behalf of Kilian Scheutwinkel - Systemics treatment in REACH
10:50    Coffee break
11:30    Michael Pagano - A framework to account for foreground amplitude uncertainties in global 21cm experiments
11:50    Anchal Saxena - Global 21cm signal extraction using a Pattern Recognition Framework for REACH PDF
12:10    Samuel Leeney - RFI Management in the REACH Pipeline
12:30    Ian Roque - Sub-Kelvin calibration of the REACH receiver
13:00    Lunch
14:30    Emma Shen - Bayesian Data Analysis for Sky-averaged 21-cm Experiments in the Presence of Ionospheric Effects
14:50    John Cumner - REACH antenna design PDF
15:10    Nima Razavi - REACH radiometer design
15:30    Alessio Magro - REACH digital spectrometer system
15:50    Discussion
16:20    End

Time    Wednesday 13th April
09:30    Marta Spinelli - Antenna beam characterisation for the global 21cm experiment LEDA and its impact on signal model parameter reconstruction PDF
09:50    Steven Carey - REACH receiver front-end control and monitoring
10:10    Dirk/Saurabh - REACH infrastructure and site work
10:50    Coffee break
11:30    REACH next steps
13:00    Lunch
14:30    REACH next steps cont'd
15:30    AOB and conclusions
16:20    End

Those wishing to listen to the talks remotely may use the following Zoom link:
Meeting ID: 546 053 3046