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Research Fellows and Postdocs

Dr Michalis Agathos
  • Kavli Institute Fellow in Gravitational Waves
Dr Mark Ashdown
  • Senior Research Associate
(01223) 337300
Dr Manda Banerji
  • Royal Society Fellow
(01223) 337549
Dr Eric Baxter
  • Kavli Senior Fellow
Dr Asa F. L. Bluck
  • Rearch Associate, Kavli Institute for Cosmology
01223 (7)66660
Dr Steven Gratton
  • Kavli Senior Fellow
(01223) 765849
Dr Will Handley
  • Research Fellow (Gonville & Caius College)
(01223) 766660
Dr Vid Irsic
  • Kavli Senior Fellow
(01223) 746429
Dr Nimisha Kumari
  • Schlumberger Fellow
(01223) 746436
Dr Nicolas Laporte
  • Kavli Senior Fellow
+ (0)1223 746435
Dr Annelies Mortier
  • Kavli Institute Fellow in Exoplanets
  • Trevelyan Research Associate Selwyn College
+44 (0)1223 337299
Dr Mathias Nowak
  • Gavin Boyle Fellow
Dr Renske Smit
  • Newton Kavli Fellow
(01223) 746433
Dr Sunny Vagnozzi
  • Newton-Kavli Fellow
+44 (0)1223 - 766695

KICC Annual Report 2018

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Stormy cluster weather could unleash black hole power and explain lack of cosmic cooling

Oct 17, 2019

“Weather” in clusters of galaxies may explain a longstanding puzzle, according to a team of researchers at the University of Cambridge.

A Reanalysis of Planck

Oct 14, 2019

Members of KICC since its foundation and longstanding members of the Planck collaboration, Prof. George Efstathiou and Dr. Steven Gratton recently uploaded their detailed reanalysis of the Planck satellite Cosmic Microwave Background data to the arXiv preprint server.

A triple merger in the early Universe

Oct 11, 2019

As part of the multinational ALPINE collaboration, scientists at the Kavli Institute have discovered a system of three galaxies merging together when the universe was only 1.3 billion years old.

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