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Kavli Institute for Cosmology, Cambridge

Galaxy Kinematics (Rotation/Merging)
Molecular Gas Content
Far-IR SED Modeling



PhD Physics, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, Socorro, NM, USA (2018)

BS Physics, Trinity University, San Antonio, TX, USA (2012)


My research has focused on several key questions:

  • How do the compositions (i.e., dust, gas, stars) of the first galaxies compare to those of local galaxies, and is there a continuous evolution of these properties?
  • What are the relative effects of mergers, in- and outflows, and secular accretion on the baryon cycle, gas content, and star formation of these galaxies?
  • How can we improve current models and analysis techniques to maximize the yield of the relatively limited observations of high-redshift galaxies?

To tackle these open issues, I conduct observations of z>4 galaxies with current instruments (e.g., ALMA, JVLA), characterize their kinematics with tilted ring models and morpho-kinematic analysis, and derive gas masses through SED models and line tracers.


Key publications: 

See full publication list here.