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Kavli Institute for Cosmology, Cambridge


We are delighted to host an informal introduction to KICC event to welcome our new members. This will consist of short talks introducing the different areas of the research at KICC followed by flash talks from some of our new members to introduce themselves.

KICC Introductory Event: Tuesday 17 October 2023
09:00–09:30 Coffee and pastries  
09:30–09:45 Introduction to KICC Challinor/Brereton/Wilson
09:45–09:57 Novel statistical methods and 21-cm cosmology PDF Bevins
09:57–10:09 Cosmology from large-scale galaxy clustering PDF Vlah
10:09–10:21 Cosmology from High Redshift Cosmic Web Irsic
10:21–10:33 Cluster cosmology with the thermal Sunyaev-Zeldovich effect: from Planck to the Simons Observatory Zubeldia
10:33–10:45 Modelling Baryonic Feedback for Cosmology Bigwood
10:45–11:00 Flash talks Hertig/Preston/Witstok/Scholtz/Lim/Shin/Jiang
11:00–11:30 Photo+coffee  
11:30–11:40 Public engagement Bothwell/Strathern
11:40–11:52 Exoplanet observations with the VLTI Nowak
11:52–12:04 Gravitational waves @ KICC PDF Agathos
12:04–12:16 Detecting and interpreting eccentric binary black holes with gravitational waves PDF Romero-Shaw
12:16–12:28 New Insights from the JWST on the First Structures in the Universe Laporte
12:28–12:40 Discovering early black holes with JWST Übler
12:40–12:52 Unveiling the sources of reionisation with JWST PDF Simmonds
13:00–14:30 Lunch  
14:30–15:30 Round-table for early-career researchers ECRs+panel