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Kavli Institute for Cosmology, Cambridge


Kavli Lectures are biannual prize lectures given by distinguished astronomers and astrophysicists from outside Cambridge. Below are details of forthcoming lectures and our past lectures, including links to recordings for the more recent lectures.


Forthcoming lectures

2nd May 2024 - Reinhard Genzel (Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics)

Previous lectures

KICC have been honoured to host some of the world's leading scientists to give the Kavli Lectures including:

Eve Ostriker

Recording to be made available soon

Daniel Eisenstein

recording available here

Marcia Rieke























recording available here 

Vicky Kalogera 

recording available (with Raven) here

Roger Blandford

recording available (with Raven) here

Jo Dunkley

 recording available (with Raven) here

Ravit Helled


 recording available here 


Claudia Maraston

 recording available (with Raven) here 

Stephen Smartt 


 recording available (with Raven) here 

James Stone



Sara Ellison




Lars Hernquist




Jean Michel-Desert



Sylvain Veilleux