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Kavli Institute for Cosmology, Cambridge


 We are delighted to host an informal introduction to KICC event to welcome our new members. This will consist of short talks introducing the different areas of the research at KICC followed by flash talks from some of our new members to introduce themselves. Afterwards we will celebrate the festive season with mulled wine and mince pies.


Introduction to KICC Event – 7th December 2022  
Anthony Challinor: CMB research at KICC: from the early universe to galaxy evolution PDF 14:00-14:05
Scott Melville: Inflation and primordial signals of new physics [over zoom] PDF 14:05-14:10
Will Handley: Theory, observation & cosmological Bayesian inference PDF 14:10-14:15
Michalis Agathos: Fundamental Physics and Astrophysics with Gravitational Wave Data PDF 14:15-14:20
Alex Amon: Large-scale structure: the low redshift Universe PDF 14:20-14:25
Suhail Dhawan: Transients, supernova cosmology, and astrostatistics PDF 14:25-14:30
Vid Irsic: High-redshift Cosmic Web PDF 14:30-14:35
Sandro Tacchella: Resolving galaxy evolution across cosmic time PDF 14:35-14:40
Debora Sijacki: Cosmological simulations of structure and galaxy formation at KICC PDF 14:40-14:45
Mathias Nowak: An interferometric view of exoplanets PDF 14:45-14:50
Anastasia Fialkov: Science with 21-cm line PDF 14:50-14:55
"Flash talks":  
Joe Pattison, Charlotte Simmonds, Wei-Ning Deng, Collin Politsch, Harry Bevins, Martin Bourne, Dominic Anstey, Christian Kirkham, Matt Grayling, Erik Rosenberg, Calvin Preston, Leah Bigwood, David Puskas, Inigo Zubeldia (14; 1.5min per talk) PDFs