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Working with schools

Astronomy outreach for Schools

We are happy to provide astronomy outreach for school groups (at any keystage) who are studying astronomy. Generally this involves an astronomer coming to visit your school, but we can also arrange for your class to visit the department.


Have an astronomer come to your school

We are very happy to arrange for a professional astronomer to visit your school. A visit normally consists of a presentation on some aspect of astronomy (with show+tell of some interesting space objects), followed by an open-ended question and discussion session.  These arrangements are flexible, and we are open to specific requests for subject matter. We do not charge a fee for these visits, but we do ask that travel expenses are covered.


Have your class visit our department

We are also able to host visiting classes, who would like to visit a working research astronomy department. We can offer a talk on some aspect of astronomy, along with other astronomy-themed activities, and tours of our antique telescopes. Again we don’t charge a fee for this, but do bear in mind that the availability for these visits may be somewhat constrained, as we are a working research and teaching department. Please for further details.


KICC Annual Report 2018

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Metallicity gradients in high redshift galaxies via multi-band, near-infrared integral field spectroscopy

Jan 10, 2020

Galaxies at the ‘cosmic noon’ are often characterised by the absence of strong radial gradients in the spatial distribution of metals, consistent with strong feedback mechanisms in place, but is this always reflecting a real spatial homogeneity ? New insights from the KLEVER Survey.

The Detection of a Molecular Outflow in a Primeval Starburst Galaxy

Dec 13, 2019

The Detection of a Molecular Outflow in a Primeval Starburst Galaxy

Roberto Maiolino appointed Honorary Professor of University College London

Dec 02, 2019

Roberto Maiolino, Director of the Kavli Institute, has been appointed Honorary Professor of University College London in the Department of Physics and Astronomy.

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