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Kavli Institute for Cosmology, Cambridge


A new era in extragalactic astronomy: early results from the James Webb Space Telescope

Since July 2022, the first data from the James Webb Space Telescope have already provided exciting scientific results on a wide range of extragalactic topics. It is our pleasure to announce a conference at the Kavli Institute for Cosmology, Cambridge, (KICC, UK) during 20-24 March 2023, to share and discuss first results and discoveries obtained with JWST in the field of extragalactic astronomy, with focus on high redshift galaxies. More specifically, the meeting will cover the following key themes:

  • First galaxies
  • Reionisation
  • Galaxy evolution
  • AGNs and QSOs
  • Kinematics and outflows
  • ISM conditions

Confirmed invited speakers:

  • Stacey Alberts (University of Arizona)
  • Adam Carnall (Royal Observatory Edinburgh)
  • Stefano Carniani (Scuola Normale Superiore Pisa)
  • Charlotte Mason (DAWN Copenhagen)
  • Pascal Oesch (Geneva University)
  • Casey Papovich (Texas A&M University)
  • Jane Rigby (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center)
  • Brant Robertson (UC Santa Cruz)
  • Allison Strom (Northwestern University)
  • Dominika Wylezalek (Heidelberg University)



  • Mirko Curti (co-chair; KICC)
  • Hannah Übler (co-chair; KICC)
  • Andy Bunker (University of Oxford)
  • Emma Curtis-Lake (University of Hertfordshire)
  • James Dunlop (University of Edinburgh)
  • Nicolas Laporte (KICC)
  • Roberto Maiolino (KICC)
  • Laura Pentericci (INAF, Rome)
  • George Rieke (University of Arizona)
  • Marcia Rieke (University of Arizona)
  • Alice Shapley (UC Los Angeles)
  • Irene Shivaei (University of Arizona)
  • Chris Willott (NRC Herzberg, Victoria)


  • Steven Brereton (admin)
  • Alison Wilson (admin)
  • Nicolas Laporte (co-chair)
  • Hannah Übler (co-chair)
  • Mirko Curti
  • Francesco D’Eugenio
  • Gareth Jones
  • Tobias Looser
  • Roberto Maiolino
  • Lester Sandles
Monday, 20 March, 2023 - 09:00 to Friday, 24 March, 2023 - 17:00
Event location: 
Kavli Institute for Cosmology, Cambridge, UK