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KICC is lucky to have numerous accommodation options, both on-site and within very easy walking distance. Please visit the links below for more details and to book.

1. Gardener's Cottage

On the same site just yards away from KICC, this lovely accommodation is situated in secluded gardens. Rooms are offered at £36 per night for single occupancy and £60 per night for double occupancy. (Please note, this accommodation has shared bathroom facilities)

2. Churchill College

The nearest neighbouring College to KICC, just a few minutes walk away.

3. Møller Centre

Co-located with Churchill College. Good availability during term times.

4. Cowan Court (Churchill College)

5. Fitzwilliam College

6. Murray Edwards College

7. Kaetsu Centre (Murray Edwards)

Rooms usually available here during term times.



If you wish to stay in a hotel or B&B, you can find a database of hotels on the Cambridge Tourist Website.




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Viva la revolución cosmológica

Feb 20, 2020

KICC researcher Sunny Vagnozzi has reviewed the book "The Cosmic Revolutionary’s Handbook" for Nature Astronomy.

Metallicity gradients in high redshift galaxies via multi-band, near-infrared integral field spectroscopy

Jan 10, 2020

Galaxies at the ‘cosmic noon’ are often characterised by the absence of strong radial gradients in the spatial distribution of metals, consistent with strong feedback mechanisms in place, but is this always reflecting a real spatial homogeneity ? New insights from the KLEVER Survey.

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