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Kavli Institute for Cosmology, Cambridge


Preliminary workshop programme (may be subject to change)

UK Time (BST)

Speaker Title Time
Monday 17th May
12:00 Roman Rafikov
(University Of Cambridge, DAMTP)


12:05 Tsvi Piran
(The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
Disks in TDEs, TBC 40
12:45 Chi-Ho Chan
(The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
Magnetorotational instability in eccentric disks 20
13:05 Pavel Ivanov
(PN Lebedev Physical Institute)
The evolution of a twisted accretion disc formed after a tidal disruption event 20
13:25 JJ Zanazzi
(Canadian Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics)
Eccentric Tidal Disruption Event Disks around Supermassive Black Holes: Dynamics and Thermal Emission 20
13:45 Boris Gaensike
(University of Warwick)
Planetary systems around white dwarfs: tidal disruptions and distorted dynamical discs 40


15:20 Christopher Manser
(Imperial College London)
Why are gaseous debris discs around white dwarfs so rare? 20
15:40 Uri Malamud
(Tel-Aviv University / Technion Institute)
A new hybrid SPH-analytical method for disc formation through tidal disruption of planetary bodies 20
16:00 Sasha Tchekhovskoy
(Northwestern University)
Simulations of tilted black hole accretion flows 40
16:40 Christopher White
Observable Consequences of Warps and Twists in Supermassive Black Hole Accretion Disks 20
17:00 Janosz Dewberry
(Canadian Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics)
Rapid variability in eccentric accretion discs 20
17:20 Discussion session 1   40
18:00 Close    
Tuesday 18th May
12:00 Daniel Price
(Monash University)
Rocking shows in broken circumbinary discs 20
12:20 Stefan Kraus
(University of Exeter)
Disk tearing in a young triple star system with misaligned disk/orbit planes 20
12:40 Stefano Facchini
Linking inner and outer disks via photometry and high angular resolution imaging 20
13:00 Rebecca Martin
(University of Nevada, Las Vegas)
Misaligned disks in and around binary star systems 40
13:40 Poster session 1   40
14:20 Break   60
15:20 John Magorrian
(University of Oxford)
The eccentric disc of M31 40
16:00 Ann-Marie Madigan
(University of Colorado Boulder)
A Lopsided Solar System? 20
16:20 Scott Tremaine
Lopsided Galactic Nuclei 40
17:00 Discussion session 2   40
17:40 Close   40
Wednesday 19th May
12:00 Gordon Ogilvie
(University of Cambridge, DAMTP)
Hydrodynamic theory of warped and eccentric discs 40
12:40 Anna Laws
(University of Exeter)
Arms, rings and warps: Structured dust observed with GPI 20
13:00 Simon Casassus
(Universidad de Chile)
Warps in transition disks 20
13:20 Giovanni Rosotti
(Leiden University)
Spirals in gas and dust 20
13:40 Poster session 2   40
14:20 Break   60
15:20 Nienke van der Marel
(University of Victoria)

On the diversity of observed asymmetries and spiral arms in protoplanetary disks

16:00 Matthew Coleman
Spiral Density Waves Generated in the Boundary Layer 20
16:20 Zhaohuan Zhu
Spirals in protoplanetary discs 40
17:00 Discussion session 3   40
17:40 Close    
Thursday 20th May
12:00 John Papaloizou
(University Of Cambridge, DAMTP)
Dynamics of thin planetary rings 40
12:40 Enrico Ragusa
(University of Leicester)
Eccentric circumbinary discs: when “eccentric” means conventional 20
13:00 Davide Gerosa
(University of Birmingham)
Warped accretion discs with LISA 20
13:20 Dong Lai
(Cornell University)

Circumbinary Accretion: from Supermassive Binary Black Holes to Circumbinary Planets

14:00 Diego Munoz
(Northwestern University)
Long-Lived Eccentricities in Circumbinary Disks: Linear Theory and Simulations 20
14:20 Break   60
15:20 Jean Teyssandier
(University of Namur)
A Simplified Model for the Secular Dynamics of Eccentric Discs and Applications to Planet-Disc Interactions 20
15:40 Philippe Thebault
(L'Observatoire de Paris - LESIA)
Perturbed debris disks 40
16:20 Rajika Kuruwita
(University of Copenhagen)
Simulating accretion and evolution during binary star formation 20
16:40 Kedron Silsbee
Planet Formation in Binaries 20
17:00 Cristiobal Petrovich
(University of Arizona)
Disk-planets interactions in misaligned discs: consequences for planetary orbits 20

Giuseppe Lodato
(Universita' degli Studi di Milano)

A dynamical measurement of the disc mass in Elias 2-27

17:40 Closing words/Summary   20
18:00 Close