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Kavli Summer Series 2020

 KICC Summer Series 2020

KICC are pleased to announce our summer series of (online) talks featuring a group of exciting speakers for each Tuesday in August 2020 at 3pm covering a wide range of Astronomical topics. The program is below and listed on


Catherine Heymans (Edinburgh) 

Tuesday 4 August 2020, 15:00-16:00


Graphic artwork: Amanda Smith, IoA


Jonathan Gair (AEI Potsdam)

Tuesday 11 August 2020, 15:00-16:00


 Graphic artwork: Amanda Smith, IoA


Debora Sijacki (IoA)

Tuesday 18 August 2020, 15:00-16:00


Graphic artwork: Amanda Smith, IoA


Peter Plavchan (George Mason University)

Tuesday 25 August 2020, 15:00-16:00



Graphic artwork: Amanda Smith, IoA