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Kavli Institute for Cosmology, Cambridge


The President of  China Electronics Technology Corporation, CETC, led his team of 15 senior people including the Presidents of CETC38 and CETC54 on a highly successful visit to the Battcock Centre and the Kavli Institute to discuss specific opportunities for a strong, long term, collaboration with the University. The team at the University was led by Prof. Paul Alexander, Director of the Battcock Centre, and Prof. Roberto Maiolino, Director of the Kavli Centre. The focus of the collaboration would be on large phased arrays associated with the Square Kilometre Array, SKA, and advanced high performance computing. During the meeting, the Chinese Delegation also visited the Cavendish Laboratory and viewed the strong history of physics and Lord’s Bridge Observatory. We are initially anticipating collaborating on substantial  test arrays based at Lord’s Bridge Observatory. CETC, headquartered in Beijing, are a large group of 66 institutions with 160,000 employees working on many aspects of technology. As part of the SKA, the Physics and Astronomy group have worked closely with CETC38 for the last 5-years.