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Kavli Institute for Cosmology, Cambridge


Welcome to the Cambridge Festival! We have an exciting week of astronomical talks and activities for you. All the events will be held online at our YouTube channel


  • "Planetymology" (childrens' lecture), on Saturday 27th March at 11am. Astronomer Isobel Romero-Shaw will explain how the planets got their names!
  • From Monday 29th March to Friday 2nd April will be 'Black Hole Wars' week, with new talks every day at 6pm:
    • 29th March: Black Hole Wars Episode I - Cause and No Effect?
    • 30th March: Black Hole Wars Episode II - Return of the Susskind
    • 31st March: Black Hole Wars Episode III - A Curved Hope
    • Black Hole Wars Episode IV - Rise of the dimensions
    • Black Hole Wars Episode V - Return of the information
  • We will have a special Cambridge Festival Open Evening on Wednesday 31st March at 7:15pm. Dr Gareth Jones will talk about "The Distant and Dusty Universe".
  • 'Historical Telescopes of the Cambridge Observatory' on Saturday 3rd April at 3pm, by librarian Mark Hurn.
  • "Decolonising Science" on Sunday 4th April at 3pm, by cosmologist Dr Chandrima Ganguly.

Hands-on activities

There will be a new hands-on activity every day at Noon during the week of 29th March - 2nd April.
  • Monday 29th March: Make your own Planet 
  • Tuesday 30th March: Galactic Baking
  • Wednesday 31st March: Colours, Chemistry, and exploding planets
  • Thursday 1st April: Make your own spectrometer
  • Friday 2nd April: Explore the virtual reality Universe
  • Saturday 3rd April: Physics in your kitchen.