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Visit of the Kavli Foundation Board of Directors

On 9th November 2017 the Kavli Foundation Board of Directors and Kavli Foundation staff visited the Kavli Institute for Cosmology.

This has been the very first time that the whole Board of Director visited one of the Kavli Institutes.

The event included a welcome from the Vice Chancellor, Professor Stephen Toope, an introduction by Robert Conn, CEO and President of the Kavli Foundation, and a presentation by the KICC director, Roberto Maiolino, summarising the scientific activities of the institute and the plans for the future. Additional presentations were given by other members of the institute on more specific topics.

Stephen Hawking also joined the event, giving a speech.

In the afternoon the Kavli Foundation visited Lord’s Bridge, where they were guided by Paul Alexander through the historical sites where radioastronomy was born and through the prototypes of the next generation radio telescopes (HERA and SKA).

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The Kavli Foundation Board of Directors and Staff with Stephen Hawking and Roberto Maiolino

KICC Annual Report 2019

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