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Kavli Institute for Cosmology, Cambridge



2017-: PhD student, IoA & KICC, University of Cambridge

2016-2017: Part III Mathematics (MASt), University of Cambridge

2012-2016: BSc Applied Physics, Columbia University

See my CV.


I am interested in a wide range of topics in theoretical and data-driven cosmology, with a particular focus on how weak gravitational lensing can be used to test the cosmological model and fundamental physics.

Along with my supervisor, Anthony Challinor, and collaborators, I am currently exploring ways of removing the effect of gravitational lensing due to large-scale structure from the observed B-mode polarization of the cosmic microwave background (CMB). This is a crucial step in the search for the very weak primordial B-mode signal induced by gravitational waves from the early universe.

In parallel to this, we are developing analytic methods to model biases due to emission from clusters and galaxies to measurements of CMB lensing spectra and its cross-correlations with tracers of the large-scale structure of the Universe. These probes allow for precise constraints on the mass of the neutrinos, dark energy and dark matter, so it is increasingly important to understand the systematic effects involved.

I am a member of the analysis team of the Simons Observatory.

For more information, see my poster at the 2020 RAS Early Career exhibition.


Key publications: 

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