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James Trussler

James Trussler

Office Phone: (01223) 746434


2016–2020: PhD in Physics, University of Cambridge, UK. Thesis: "Unveiling the Primary Galaxy Quenching Mechanisms through Large Spectroscopic Galaxy Surveys." Supervisor: Roberto Maiolino

2015–2016: MASt in Physics, University of Cambridge, UK. Distinction (79.0%). Research Project: "Exploring the Ionisation Mechanisms in Blue Compact Dwarf Galaxies with the Hubble Space Telescope." Supervisors: Dr Bethan James & Roberto Maiolino

2012–2015: BSc in Physics, Imperial College London, UK. 1st class (84.9%)

Research Interests

Galaxy evolution

  • The quenching of star formation
  • The role of internal and external processes in galaxy evolution
  • The evolution of galaxy scaling relations across cosmic time

Chemical enrichment and the interstellar medium

  • The stellar metallicity of star-forming, green valley and passive galaxies
  • Analytical modelling of the evolution of the gas and chemical content of galaxies

Large spectroscopic galaxy surveys

  • Optical/NIR single-fiber spectroscopy (e.g. SDSS-II)
  • Integral field spectroscopy (e.g. SDSS-IV MaNGA)
  • Spectral fitting of stellar continuum and emission-lines with pPXF and FIREFLY



2019: Undergraduate Admissions Interviewer for Natural Sciences, Jesus College, University of Cambridge

2018: Undergraduate Admissions Interviewer for Chemical Engineering, Jesus College, University of Cambridge

2017–2019: Supervisor for first year Mathematics course, University of Cambridge

Other Professional Activities


Sep 2019: KIAA Forum on Gas in Galaxies: Multi-phase Interstellar Medium, Beijing, China. Talk title: “Starvation as the primary quenching mechanism in galaxies”

May 2019: Metals in Galaxies, Near and Far: Looking Ahead, Leiden, The Netherlands. Talk title: “Stellar metallicities as a tracer of quenching mechanisms”

Sep 2018: CosmoClub (Departmental Seminar), University of California Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz, USA. Talk title: “The role of starvation as a mechanism for shutting down star formation in galaxies”

July 2018: The Laws of Star Formation: From the Cosmic Dawn to the Present Universe, Cambridge, UK. Talk title: “The star-forming progenitors of local passive galaxies quenched primarily through starvation”


Key Publications

Both starvation and outflows drive galaxy quenching

Trussler, J., Maiolino, R., Maraston, C., Peng, Y., Thomas, D., Goddard, D., Lian, J.

Accepted. Available here.

KICC Annual Report 2018

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Metallicity gradients in high redshift galaxies via multi-band, near-infrared integral field spectroscopy

Jan 10, 2020

Galaxies at the ‘cosmic noon’ are often characterised by the absence of strong radial gradients in the spatial distribution of metals, consistent with strong feedback mechanisms in place, but is this always reflecting a real spatial homogeneity ? New insights from the KLEVER Survey.

The Detection of a Molecular Outflow in a Primeval Starburst Galaxy

Dec 13, 2019

The Detection of a Molecular Outflow in a Primeval Starburst Galaxy

Roberto Maiolino appointed Honorary Professor of University College London

Dec 02, 2019

Roberto Maiolino, Director of the Kavli Institute, has been appointed Honorary Professor of University College London in the Department of Physics and Astronomy.

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