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Epoch of Galaxy Quenching

TUESDAY 8 September: Star Formation & Gas Content

MORNING SESSION (09:45am-12pm UK Time)

Chair:     Asa Bluck


 9:45 - 10:00                Welcome

 10:00 - 10:15             Lihwai Lin (INVITED), ASIAA PDF

Title: Scaling relations in main-sequence and green valley galaxies with the ALMaQUEST survey

 10:15 – 10:30             Jake Bennett, University of Cambridge PDF

Title: Resolving the effect of cold gas accretion and shocks on high-redshift galaxy formation

 10:30-10:45                Jindra Gensior, Heidelberg University PDF

Title: Heart of Darkness - How galactic dynamics suppress star formation in galaxy spheroids

 10:45-11:00                Michaela Hirschmann, University of Copenhagen

Title: Nebular emission lines of IllustrisTNG galaxies over cosmic time: signatures for galaxy quenching

11:00-11:15                 Manuela Bischetti, INAF PDF

Title: Linking extreme star formation, molecular gas properties and mergers around luminous quasars at z~2-5

 11:15-11:30                Ute Lisenfield, University of Granada PDF

Title: Molecular gas in the most massive spiral galaxies

 11:30-12:00                Extra Questions & Discussion



Chair:     Emma Curtis-Lake


 3:00-3:15                    Sara Ellison (SOC), University of Victoria PDF

Title: Complexity and scatter in kpc-scale star formation scaling relations in ALMaQUEST

 3:15-3:30                    Fakhri Zahedy, Carnegie Observatories PDF

The Gas-Rich Circumgalactic Medium of Massive "Red and Dead" Galaxies

 3:30-3:45                    Mallory Thorp, University of Victoria PDF

Spatially Resolved Properties of Post-Merger Galaxies with MaNGA and ALMA

 3:45-4:00                    Jorge Zavala, University of Texas at Austin PDF

Studying the gas content and star formation activity in galaxy proto-clusters: evidence of early environmental quenching?

 4:00-4:15                    Sirio Belli, Harvard-Smithsonian CfA

Quenching, Rejuvenation, and Molecular Gas at z~1

4:15-4:30                     Kate Rowlands, STScI

Resolving the quenching of star formation in post-starburst galaxies

 4:30-5:00                    Extra Questions & Discussion


WEDNESDAY 9 September: Chemical Composition, Structure, & The Role of Environment

MORNING SESSION (10am-12pm UK Time)

Chair:     Roberto Maiolino


 10:00-10:15                Francesco Belfiore (INVITED), ESO

Title: Connecting chemical abundances with star formation histories in large galaxy surveys

 10:15-10:30                Sonali Sachdeva, Peking University PDF

Title: Correlation of bulge transformation in disc galaxies with the gradual decrease in their stellar activity

 10:30-10:45                Peter Watson, University of Oxford

Title: The [alpha/Fe]-R Relation as a Function of Mass and Environment

 10:45-11:00                José Luis Tous, Universitat de Barcelona PDF

Title: Spectral classification of S0 galaxies in the nearby universe: a tale of two sub-populations

 11:00-11:15                Adam Carnall, IfA Royal Observatory Edinburgh PDF

Title: The stellar metallicities of massive quiescent galaxies at 1.0 < z < 1.5

 11:15-11:30                James Trussler, University of Cambridge PDF

Title: Unveiling the roles of mass, environment and structure in galaxy quenching

 11:30-12:00                Extra Questions & Discussion




Chair:     Sara Ellison


 3:00-3:15                    Joanna Woo (INVITED), Simon Fraser University

Title: Structural Evolution and Quenching

 3:15-3:30                    Grecco Oyarzun, UCSC

Title: SDSS-IV MaNGA: The impact of environment on the formation of passive central galaxies

 3:30-3:45                    Carter Rhea, University of Montreal PDF

Title: A novel mechanism for the creation of stellar mass in galaxy clusters

 3:45-4:00                    Marziye Jafariyazani, Carnegie Observatories

Title: The stellar chemical abundances of the brightest quiescent galaxy at z ~ 2 accompanied by its age and metallicity gradients

 4:00-4:15                    Alessandro Marconi, University of Florence PDF

Title: Outflow physical properties and star formation quenching

 4:15-4:30                    Sandro Tacchella (INVITED), Harvard-Smithsonian CfA PDF

Title: The diversity of building up the quiescent sequence at z~1

 4:30-5:00                    Extra Questions & Discussion


THURSDAY 10 September: The Role of Feedback


MORNING SESSION (10am-12pm UK Time)

Chair:     Steve Eales


 10:00-10:15                Asa Bluck (SOC), University of Cambridge PDF

Title: How do central and satellite galaxies quench? - Evidence for AGN feedback & environmental quenching in the MaNGA IFU Survey

 10:15-10:30                Yu Qiu, Kavli Insitute for Astronomy & Astrophysics PDF

Title: Untangling the Properties and Effects of AGN Feedback in Galaxy Clusters

 10:30-10:45                Federica Loiacono, University of Bologna

Title: Can AGN outflows contribute to forming the spheroidal component of galaxies?

 10:45-11:00                Tiago Costa, MPA

Title: Powering galactic super-winds with small-scale AGN winds and radiation

 11:00-11:15                Michele Ginolfi, University of Geneva PDF

Title: Star formation-driven feedback and circumgalactic enrichment in the Early Universe

 11:15-11:30                Charlotte Avery, University of Bath

Title: Incidence, scaling relations and physical conditions of ionised gas outflows in MaNGA

11:30-12:00                 Extra Questions & Discussion




Chair:     Emma Curtis-Lake


 3:00-3:15                    Julie Hlavacek-Larrondo (SOC), University of Montreal PDF

Title: The role of AGN feedback in galaxy clusters for the last 10 billion years

 3:15-3:30                    Bryan Terrazas, Harvard-Smithsonian CfA PDF

Title: Exploring the link between star formation activity and black hole mass in galaxies

 3:30-3:45                    Giacomo Venturi, Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile PDF

Title: Dissecting ionised gas outflows and feedback in nearby AGN through integral field spectroscopy

 3:45-4:00                    Alice Concas, University of Cambridge

Title: Unveiling the role of ejective feedback from z ~ 2 to the present

 4:00-4:15                    Tjitske Starkenburg, CIERA Northwestern University PDF

Title: The populations of star forming and quiescent galaxies in large-scale cosmological simulations

 4:15-4:30                    Gareth Jones, University of Cambridge PDF

Title: A Sub-Dominant Starburst-Driven Outflow at z~5.7

 4:30-5:00                    Extra Questions & Discussion

Programme pdf