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Programme Timetable

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Programme Timings

Monday 06 Jan

Interiors : Chair - Amy Bonsor

09:00 Registration Opens
09:30 Meeting starts with introductions
09:40 Jon Wade:
The role of core formation in planetary habitability and the development of complex life ppt

Tim Lichtenberg:
Rocky (exo-)planet diversity from protoplanet solidification pdf


Coffee break

11:00 Fergus Horrobin:
Modelling Tidal Dissipation in Super-Earths with a Partially Molten Mantle pdf
11:20 John Harrison:
Polluted White Dwarfs: Constraints on the Origin and Geology of Exoplanetary Material pdf
11:40 Teresa Wong:
Plate Tectonics on Earth-Like Planets pptx

Lunch (12:00-13:40)

13:40 Dan Spencer:
Coupling volcanism and interior dynamics on Io ppt
14:00 Sarah McIntyre:
Planetary magnetism as a parameter in exoplanet habitability ppt
14:20 Break-out sessions

Laura Rogers, John Harrison and Alexander Mustill:
Insights into exoplanet compositions from the Solar System, exoplanet atmospheres, and host star abundances (Kavli Ryle Rooms)

Dan Spencer:
Planetary Volcanism, linking interiors to atmospheres (Sackler Lecture Theatre)

Francis Nimmo:
Tidal heating in the solar system and elsewhere (HCR)

15:40 Coffee break
16:00 Discussion
(Chair: Helen Williams)

 Poster Introductions
(Chair: James Bryson)

17:00 Poster Session with Cheese & Wine
18:30 Close

Tuesday 07 Jan

Formation : Chair - Paul Rimmer

09:00 Zoe Leinhardt:
The Birth and Death of Extrasolar Planets
09:40 Lewis Watt:
Planetary Embryo Collisions in Extreme Debris Disks
10:00 Marc Brouwers:
How planets grow by pebble accretion  ppt

Coffee break


Mor Rozner:
The Ablation Barrier for the growth of Meter-Size Objects in Protoplanetary Disks pdf

11:00 Thomas Haworth:
Gravitationally stable massive discs around low mass stars ppt
11:20 Kathryn Dodds:
The early thermal evolution of planetesimals during accretion and differentiation ppt
11:40 Evgeni Grishin:
Seeding interstellar planetesimals in circumstellar discs pdf
12:00 Photo

Lunch (12:05 - 2pm)

14:00 Break-out sessions
Tim Lichtenberg:
Bridging the gap from planet formation to rocky exoplanet evolution (SPO)

Sarah McIntyre:
Multi-parameter Approach to Habitability (M-PAtH) (Kavli Ryle Rooms)

Thomas Haworth + Jeff Jennings:
Strengthening collaborations across the epochs of planetary system evolution: A broad outlook and case study in star formation and planet-forming discs (Sackler Lecture Theatre)
Evgeni Grishin:
Formation and properties of the first planetesimals (HCR)


Coffee break


(Chair: Mark Wyatt)


Sean Raymond:
Formation pathways of rocky planets pdf

17:00 Close
18:45 Conference dinner Pembroke College (Pre-dinner drinks 18:45. Dinner 19:30)

Wednesday 08 Jan

Atmospheres : Chair - Mihkel Kama

09:00 Robin Wordsworth:
Tracing the coupled evolution of water and oxygen on temperate rocky exoplanets ppt
09:40 Nisha Katyal:
Effect of Secondary Outgassing on Atmospheric Evolution of Terrestrial Planets
10:00 Zahra Essack:
Low Albedo Surfaces of Lava Worlds pdf

 Coffee break


 Catriona Sinclair:
Terrestrial Planet Bombardment and Atmosphere Evolution ppt

11:00 David Grinspoon:
The Evolution of Climate and a Possible Biosphere on Venus ppt
11:20 Robert Graham:
Hydrologic Control of Silicate Weathering and Rocky Planet Climate Stability  pdf
11:40 Quentin Changeat:
ARIEL, a mission to unravel the atmospheric composition of a large number of super-Earths  ppt
12:00 Lunch (12 - 2pm)

Break-out sessions:

Victoria Hartwick:
Cloud Microphysics in Exoplanet Atmospheres (Kavli Ryle Rooms)

Quentin Changeat:
Exploring degeneracies in atmospheric retrieval techniques. (Sackler Lecture Theatre)
Paul Rimmer and Sang-Min Tsai:
Atmospheric Features as "Golden Spikes" for Exoplanetary Eons (HCR)
15:20 Coffee break

(Chair: Oliver Shorttle)


Vivien Parmentier:
Understanding the spectrum of far away worlds: lessons learned form hot giant planets. pdf    key

17:00 Close